Empowering Couples to Divorce with Integrity, Respect, and Fairness.

Why Divorcing Couples Choose Mediation instead of the Courts to end their Marriages:

  • You control the expenses, accessing professional advisors on an “as needed” basis.
  • You control the confidentiality of your family and financial matters.
  • You control the decisions—not a judge or arbitrator.
  • You control the timetable to meet your needs.
  • You join hands in parenting your children in separate households.
  • You lay the groundwork for deepening family relationships by valuing dignity, respect, and right relationships in the divorce process.
  • You provide many teachable moments for your children by modeling how to divorce the right way.

How Early Stage Divorce Mediation Works

Divorcing couples agree to retain an impartial and experienced family law mediator to “help them get to yes” on all parenting, property, and spousal support issues.

The couple and the mediator meet periodically in a confidential conference room to resolve all issues, in most cases without lawyers present.

The mediator drafts progress notes after each session and creates working drafts of the tentative property, child support, and parenting agreements.

Both parties are free to seek the advice of a legal coach “behind the scenes” to become informed on legal issues to better negotiate a fair outcome.

The draft settlement agreement and divorce forms are reviewed and revised as necessary to accurately reflect the couple’s agreements.

After final review, the divorcing couple and/or their lawyers file final forms to complete the non-contested divorce.

Are you a “Good Fit” for Early Stage Mediation?1

If most of the following statements ring true, mediation could be right for you.

  • Achieving a successful outcome will depend on the decisions I make during the mediation process.
  • To achieve my most important goals, I am willing to let go of some smaller short-term issues, even though it may be very hard to do so.
  • I am not afraid or intimidated by my spouse.
  • I am willing to see things from my spouse’s point-of-view to help achieve the best possible outcome.
  • I am willing to try to see things from my spouse’s point-of-view to help achieve the best possible outcome.
  • I am willing to commit myself fully to resolving the issues through Mediation by working toward the common interest instead of simply arguing in favor of my position. This means I am willing to commit both finances and time in the interest of brainstorming mutual solutions.
  • It is important to me that my spouse and I maintain a respectful relationship after the divorce.
  • I have accepted the fact that this divorce is going to happen.
  • I believe it is important that our children maintain a strong, healthy relationship with both parents.

Is Family Law Mediator, Chris Kane, a Good Fit for You?

Chris Kane is an experienced divorce mediator certified as an advanced family section mediator by the Association for Conflict Resolution (formerly the Academy of Family Mediators). Chis also provides collaborative legal counsel (Please click on the Service and Collaborative Counsel buttons above).

Chris has helped hundreds of Seattle and Bellevue area couples create cost-effective and life-giving parenting plans and property settlements. With offices in Kirkland and the Lake Union area, mediation sessions are convenient and efficient.

He brings an extensive litigation and business law background to the mediation table, along with an organizational consulting background in conflict, communication and change management.

After many years of divisive and expensive courtroom battles, Chris embraces family law mediation as the best way for most couples to divorce or separate.

To find out more about Chris Kane and how he works, see his blog posts.

What do Divorce Mediation Clients Say?

Chris made the whole {divorce} process as humane as possible. He remained impartial…making sure that both parties were protected. It was done with immense fairness, efficiency, and sensitivity. What could have been a more painful and ugly experience was made ‘bearable’ and ‘subdued.’” Vicki C., Bellevue

What I liked about the mediation process facilitated by Chris Kane was ‘your calm demeanor, willingness to find solutions to our conflicts, ability to speak individually with us when necessary….You are professional, empathetic and the money saved over traditional divorce was well worth it’” Craig A., Seattle

Next Steps?

Call at 425-605-6336 or email Chris at ckane@kanelaw.net to leave a message of interest. Chris will get back to you to answer your questions or schedule an initial mediation session.

1. Adapted from “Are you a Collaborative Client” by Stuart Webb.